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Shoulder Bursitis and Impingement: Understanding Pain Mechanisms and the Role of Osteopathy

Hello, Ivanhoe community!

This is Dr Nicholas Giovas (Osteopath) from Matrix Health & Performance in East Ivanhoe. We're seeing a lot of bursitis in clinic as of late, so I wanted to delve into discussing the mechanisms at play.

Shoulder Bursitis and Impingement

The shoulder joint is complex, comprising bones, muscles, tendons, and small fluid-filled sacs called bursae. Bursitis occurs when one of these sacs becomes inflamed, leading to pain and restricted movement. Shoulder impingement, on the other hand, occurs when the shoulder bones cause pressure on the soft tissues when the arm is lifted away from the body. Both these conditions can arise due to repetitive arm movements, acute injury, or age-related wear and tear.

How Do Bursitis and Impingement Cause Pain?

The main culprit behind the pain of bursitis and impingement is inflammation. When a bursa becomes inflamed or a tendon gets compressed, it triggers a cascade of inflammatory responses that result in pain, swelling, and warmth in the shoulder area. Moreover, impingement can cause further damage by wearing away at the tendons, which can lead to more pain and potential complications.

The Osteopathic Approach to Shoulder Bursitis and Impingement

Here in Ivanhoe, our osteopathic approach at Matrix Health & Performance takes a comprehensive view of these conditions. We understand that each patient's pain is unique, and our approach reflects this individuality.

Osteopathy excels in its holistic understanding of the body. So, when we treat shoulder bursitis or impingement, we don't limit our focus to just the shoulder. We examine the entire body to identify any areas that could be contributing to your shoulder pain. This might include looking at neck and back alignment, posture, or movement patterns.

Treatment Techniques and Management

Osteopathic treatment techniques can include a variety of hands-on approaches such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation, and stretching. The goal is to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and restore normal movement. We find that dry-needling can be particularly effective in managing bursitis or rotator cuff pathology.

Of course, self-management is also highly important in correcting these issues. We provide advice on exercises you can do at home to maintain joint mobility, strengthen muscles, and prevent further injury. This approach ensures that you remain an active participant in your health journey, armed with the knowledge to manage your condition effectively.

Osteopathy in Ivanhoe: Your Local Solution for Chronic Shoulder Pain

At Matrix Health & Performance, we are committed to serving the Ivanhoe community with top-tier osteopathic care. We know the burden chronic shoulder pain can place on your everyday life, and we're here to help you navigate through it.

If you're suffering from shoulder bursitis or impingement, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced team of osteopaths is ready to work with you, providing a tailored treatment plan that addresses your individual needs.

In conclusion, shoulder bursitis and impingement can be challenging to live with, but there are effective treatments available. Osteopathy offers a patient-centred, holistic approach to these conditions, looking beyond the symptoms to address underlying causes. So, if you're in Ivanhoe or the surrounding areas, remember that help is just around the corner at Matrix Health & Performance.

Until next time,

Dr Nicholas Giovas (Osteopath)

Remember: This blog post is intended for educational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice. If you’re dealing with chronic or severe shoulder pain, please consult with a healthcare professional.

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