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At Matrix Health & Performance, we provide a comprehensive treatment plan to help you recover from your injury and prevent its recurrence. Our treatment plan consists of four stages:

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1. Assessment & History Taking

At your initial consultation, our experienced osteopaths will take the time to listen to you and understand your specific needs and goals. We will conduct a thorough medical history and biomechanical assessment to identify the root cause of your injury. We will assess your posture, movement patterns, joint restrictions, and muscle tone to create a personalized treatment plan. During this stage, we will also provide hands-on osteopathy treatment to begin your healing process.

2. Osteopathy Treatment

In this stage, we focus on reducing your pain and improving your overall well-being. Our osteopaths will use a range of techniques such as soft tissue release, stretch techniques, joint mobilisation and manipulation, dry needling or cupping. The aim here is to release tight muscles and joints, and of course reduce pain. We will generally prescribe rehabilitation exercises to perform at home to compliment the work we do in the treatment room. The duration of this stage depends on the severity and length of your injury.

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3. Resilience and Range of Motion 

Once your pain levels have decreased and you're more comfortable, we shift our focus towards building resilience and restoring range of motion. During this stage you will still need osteopathic treatment, but appointments will be spaced further out. At this time there will be a greater importance on the rehabilitative exercises you started on during phase 2. 

4. Strength & Higher Performance 

In this final stage, our osteopaths will help you improve your strength and stability to prevent the recurrence of your injury. We will prescribe more advanced strengthening exercises to help you achieve your higher level goals. Across these four stages, we look to empower you with education and the tools to manage your injury. By following this 4-step process you are now able to live at your optimal health and performance!

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5. Maintenance (Optional)

Many people find they love osteopathic care so much, they work it into their self-care routine, and choose to have semi-regular appointments every 4 weeks or so. This is to keep them feeling and moving great and we find it works exceptionally well!

For any enquiries you may have about whether we can help you with your injury, call us at 9088 7514 or email at We look forward to seeing you soon.

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