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Gait Analysis

Gait (walking and running) is a highly complex activity, which many physical and neurological disorders can have a detrimental impact on. Often, it is a person's gait which is first affected as a clue to physical or neurological compromise. 

At Matrix Health & Performance, we place great emphasis on gait and through the use of motion capture technology, can slow down each phase of gait to get a deep understanding of where a person's deficiencies may lie.

As a fundamental movement pattern, we believe it is highly important to correct gait dysfunctions if they are present, as an incorrect movement pattern which is reinforced thousands of times per day (with each step one takes) can lead to a multitude of injuries and can contribute to or cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Gait analysis can take between 45-60 minutes and includes a relevant history taking, thorough examination, a detailed treadmill assessment as well as corrective exercise and treatment if required.


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