Dr Nick is a registered Osteopath who graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). After graduating university and working in private practice, Nick was led to doing further studies in the most current and evidence-based rehabilitation strategies spanning the back, lower limb and upper limb and this is what led him to founding Matrix Health & Performance.


Nick’s style of rehabilitation pays a particular focus to the nervous system and the changes that occur within that system over time, as well as a strong focus on the uniquely human trait of bipedal walking and running. It is Nick’s belief that a better understanding of these changes and a focus on the nervous system in rehabilitation leads to better outcomes for patients. It is a focus of Osteopathy to be holistic and search for the true cause of symptoms, and after all, it is the nervous system which governs the musculoskeletal system.


Nick is an avid learner and endeavours to keep up to date with the most current literature to guide his treatment and rehabilitation strategies. He has a particular interest in treating chronic back pain, gait related dysfunctions, neck and shoulder pain. As there is a strong focus on rehabilitation, Nick will always ask his patients to be active in their own care through prescribed exercises to create long term physiological change and prevent recurrence of injury.

  • B.Hlth.Sc./B.App.Sc (Osteopathy)

Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

RMIT University